Whittemore House Salon NYC Salon Review

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Now I am an old school New Yorker and the West Village has changed, but somehow it has managed to kep the charm of the old style streets think Gangs of New York days. It is a totally new Scene these days and the Whittemore House Salon NYC is one of the cool new kids on the block and our The Scene: recommendation of the week. Every fashion week part of my prep is a new look, hairstyle or color. I decided to seek out the best hairdressers in the city and I found another one. Whittemore House Salon NYC, let me introduce you to the salon, Christina Cipro master colorist and Tirrell Cherry scissor hands who convinced me to let it all go like my man just left me.

A few months earlier a stylist friend told me go red and cut your hair. Your style should be a mix of 20’s and 50’s. “ Girl you have freckles go red” Fashion week was the best time to try a new look. Christina dug in first and we discussed what shade red I should go. My hair was already damaged from playing kitchen beautician over the summer. She advised to go a nice auburn red and she would dye my eyebrows too. There was a first time for everything and Christina insured me that I would love the results. Looking at her pretty platinum blonde hair perfectly dyed, I just sat back read a magazine, relaxed and let her mix up her brew of red hair color.

Next up was my consultation with Tirrell Cherry another deliciously put together stylist. How a hairdressers looks to me is a tip on how you will look after you get out of their chair. Now I knew I wanted to go short, but wasn’t sure how short. Tirrell convinced me to go for it, go short and healthy. I decided to take the plunge and live the YOLO life and go for it. Tirrell was so nice we went through stages and he walked me through the procedure, as we got shorter and shorter. I was ready to let go of the “ I’m growing my hair out” It was liberating, I felt like I let so much bad energy go. The best part was the cute made me look younger.

Christina was still lurking around she wanted to make sure the color would match the new cut and that she got the eyebrows right. It was actually funny, because she kept coming to check and wasn’t sure if we had let the color stay long enough on my eyebrows. She is a colorist who is also a perfectionist. The ultimate test would be if my photographer Rudy liked it, he has a way of always making me look pretty in pictures. He loved the cut too. The salon gets ten points for service with a smile, fruit water and tea on demand. I cannot even express how happy I was with the cut and color. Christina and Tirrell are superstars and make you feel like a queen when seated in their chairs. I will be making a repeat visit. I need a trim now and a touch up on my eyebrows almost 2 months later. Yes, my color lasted both on my eyebrows and in my hair.

The salon is situated on a tree-lined street in the West Village. Opened in 2009 by notable Bumble and Bumble creative directors Victoria Hunter and Larry Raspanti, Whittemore House Salon has become the destination for those in search of visionary cuts and colour in a decidedly unpretentious setting. Occupying the ground floor of one of the city’s oldest and most storied buildings—built in the 1800s by affluent manufacturer Samuel Whittemore, the former boarding house had infamous tenants like Lincoln assassin John Wilkes Booth, and was a stop on the Underground Railroad—the salon embraces the past while looking towards the future. This was totally my kind of place to go through my metamorphoses.

The interior is a combination of old mansion decay and modern elements, the design imparts a homey, lived-in feel to the space, keeping with Hunter and Raspanti’s goal of building something small and personal at a time when everyone else seems to be going big and corporate. The staff, a well-edited group of respected beauty-world heavyweights, was selected for their strong editorial and education backgrounds, as well as their commitment to progressive techniques, creativity, and building lasting client relationships. Whittemore House Salon offers elevated craft in a laid-back environment. From the minute you walk in you are treated like family and made to feel welcome. If you’re looking for a new look go for it at the Whittemore.

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