Whittemore House Salon

Brooklyn Twig

As someone who is pretty frugal when it comes to things like haircuts and manicures, it took a Mother's Day gift certificate to get me to Whittemore House, a fantastic little hair salon in the West Village. Of course, it was the interiors that put my immediate trust in the place…the design combines original detail with newer surfaces that have layers of patina and pattern. It manages to have modern wall tile coexist with vintage wallpaper and chairs exposing their construction. Overall the impression is a statement on decay, renewal, and exposing the innards of architecture. Sold.

I also have to say that I got my best cut and color ever from Angela Soto (cut) and Charlie Regec (amazing color, she paints it on — got many complements). The cut and color looked great for a very long time, so even if it is a once or twice a year treat, I feel it's well worth it. The building itself has a colorful past: Built in the 1830′s, the former boarding house had infamous tenants like Lincoln assasin John Wilkes Booth and was a stop on the underground railroad.

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