Whittemore House


It's a rainy spring New York day, one most people believe is all about the G-20 summit and the resolution of global crises. I, however, am thinking about the globalization of my hair- i.e., frizz. Rain will do this to a woman given to ringlets and the shrink factor. So it's into Whittemore House, a West Village salon whose preopening is so low-key that you can enter the establishment only through a construction area. here, in the basement of an enormous former mansion built in the 1830s, Michelle Fiona flies in every six weeks from San Francisco to tend to the locks of Amanda Peet, Zooey Deschanel, Karen Elson, and their silkily tousled ilk. She sprays Oribe Volumista onte.my washed hair and starts going at it with a big round brush. "You have to change your haircut for the season," Fiona says. "It should be weightier in summer, or it will be a breeding ground for frizz."