9 Ways to Upgrade your Hair Color for Fall

NY Magazine

"This fall, I was inspired by the coloring I saw from a marble floor. The tones and the way the colors merge all complement and gives a lot of warm golds, browns, and reds. There are gold, dark rich browns, light caramels, and auburn-copper red tones. Maintenance with this color is very low; as the tone fade, it evolves into a lighter version, which the client either likes or can refresh with a color conditioner. This works on all hair lengths, as it is more about tone and color. People want to put color back in their face and tone their colors down after the summer. You would bleach for the light color for the red, do a permanent or semipermanent color for the dark brunette, and add a gloss that has a golden honey to reflect over everything." —Victoria Hunter at Whittemore Salon

By: Kathleen Hou

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