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Would You Rock Pastel Hair Like Nicole Richie's on Your Big Day? (If So, Here's How to Copy It!)

Attention all you fashion-forward brides: If you happen to think Nicole Richie looks pretty incredible with her lavender hair, and swooned over the gorgeous pastel locks at the Marc Jacobs fall show, it's only natural that you might want to push the beauty envelope on your wedding day. After all, your aisle look should reflect your personal style, and if that means you want to say "I do" with colorful hair — go for it! Plus, light pink or lavender hair can give off an utterly girly and romantic vibe.

If you are one of those beauty-adventurous brides-to-be, we have the expert for you: Victoria Hunter, owner of Whittemore House Salon in New York City and colorist extraordinaire. In fact, she's the one who crafted all those stunning Marc pinks and purples. That's why we tapped her for her tips, tricks, and go-for-it attitude.

"Pastel shades feel fresh and unique right now," Hunter says. "For brides, it's great to try something new because it can be a whole look — whatever pastel shade you dye your hair can also influence your wedding dress and makeup. It's exciting to go in that direction." Read on for the best way to do that.

If you're nervous, start small: "The nice thing about pastels is that you can add a little highlight if you want something more subtle, or to just add a bit of dimension," says Hunter.

If you're brave, dive in deep: Hunter especially likes the idea of a bride in a pastel updo. "With a chignon," she says, "It would look so co

ol." Think pink(ish): Lavender's huge right now, but it tends to look best on a woman with an olive complexion, Hunter notes. (Case in point: Nicole Richie.) "A champagne-y shade that has both pinkish and coral tones will most likely be the most popular choice for a bride," she says. "That shade — and really any pastel that has more of a warmth or softness to the tone — works on pretty much anyone."

To keep your hue fresh, ask your colorist for a DIY touch-up kit: "If a client goes pastel pink, I'll send her home with a pink 'potion' that she can mix with her white conditioner," says Hunter. "You just leave it in for 10 minutes and it helps maintain the tone."

Unlike your marriage vows, pastel hair isn't a life-long commitment: Ready to move on, post-wedding? No worries. "It's actually very easy to dye hair back to its natural shade," says Hunter. "The process of going back to a darker color is very good for the hair and doesn't damage the hair in any way. It's one of the quickest jobs in color."

By: Dana Wood ​

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