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As Ben Wyatt noted in a recent episode of Parks and Recreation, nerd culture has entered the mainstream. That means all of us are the ones who had twitter accounts before it started saving the world, who had bangs when they weren't cool, and who would have been "the indoor kids" in Wet Hot American Summer and are now the chic, trendy boys and girls taking over this big city of ours (I mean, ever heard of Guest of a Guest? Because I sure hadn't.)

As we can see from my masturbatory and embarrassing (totally not embarrassing) link to a photo of myself, there is one secret to being a Blog-utante in this fast-paced, dog-eat-dog world of ours: GOOD HAIR. (No, not that Good Hair.) And while we hate it when we don't break a story, we do love it when we actually link to businesses that we're trying to support. (The recession has been hard on everyone, guys. Places like this get customers based on word of mouth/internet traffic to their Yelp pages. Hair stylists have kids to feed, too. We here at NYU Local stand with the 99%, sorry bout it.)

Kaitlin Kelly, Multimedia

Kaitlin gets her hair cut and dyed at Whittemore House in the West Village. Kaitlin is admittedly a little bit pickier about her 'do, and so she goes to Coby, who charges $175 per cut (the price of your services depend on the stylist you work with) and Larry for a $100 single-process coloring. She says:

Coby is amazing at listening to exactly what you want but also pushing you a bit–for example, I was planning on growing out my pixie cut and she convinced me to keep it by cutting it so that it framed my face better than it had been. Larry is incredibly nice and knows his stuff (he's also the owner). It's very swank and you're going to get nice treatment there. They also carry lines like luxury Davines and Oribe in the salon.

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By: Ken Greller

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