We Tried It: Going Blonde without the Damage Using Hair Paint

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A way to dye your hair that coveted summery blonde without the damage? It's true at Whittemore House Salon with the Whittemore House Hair Paint™. Ana Prodanovich goes behind the scenes to try this cutting-edge treatment—and these are the results.

Hair before hair painting.

Hair before Whittemore House Hair Paint™.

I booked a hair appointment with co-founder Larry Raspanti at Whittemore House Salon (45 Grove St., 212-242-8880) to find out how he and his partner, Victoria Hunter, have invented a way to go golden without the harsh chemicals and resulting breakage. Raspanti and Hunter—who worked together in the past as color directors of Bumble & Bumble and bonded over keeping the industry cutting-edge—have developed a new hair-lightening powder called Whittemore House Hair Paint™, which is used to achieve lighter hair, without the usual negative side effects.

Whittemore House Hair Paint.

Hair damage from bleaching.

Before Raspanti got to work, he pronounced my hair damaged from overusing bleach with foils. “I still think more people foil, that’s for sure, but I think within the next 5 to 10 years that will change,” Raspanti predicts. Coloring with foils is an outdated technique that causes brassiness, uneven color, split ends in abundance, and dryness. The negative impact that bleach has on your hair and its health is exactly why these top-notch colorists collaborated on revolutionizing hair coloring.

Whittemore House Hair Paint in progress.

Whittemore House Hair Paint™ in progress.

Raspanti starts painting the hair directly with Whittemore House Hair Paint™, gradually working in the product from top to bottom. This industry-revolutionizing powder is made entirely of ingredients derived from nature, which work to protect and nourish the hair during the coloring process. The formula also contains a sugar molecule that seals off your hair cuticle and continues to repair for the next 72 hours. There is a lower risk of oxidation because your hair cuticle isn’t exposed, which in turn helps the color last longer.

Whittemore house Hair Painting.

Whittemore House Hair Paint™ in progress.

The saturation of the product is applied from lighter to heavier, creating what looks like an ombré effect. Hair is painted in wide sections for color that is bold and contrasted, yet blended and natural. A brush is used instead of a paddle, so the colorist has elevated control over customization, one of the most important aspects to achieve seamless results. The hair can then lift quickly and efficiently while being left in incredibly great condition!

Whittemore House Hair Paint.

Hair after Whittemore House Hair Paint™.

The result: soft, beautiful blonde hair with little to no signs of breakage! Little toner was required, and the hair felt amazing after being shampooed and conditioned. No longer was there a fear of damage—just the excitement of having achieved a better blonde. This new generation of product removes the high-maintenance connotation of hair coloring, whatever your desired hue is.

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By: Ana Prodanovich

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